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8 Tips for better Dental Health in 2021

We all know that the new year leads to new ideas, new promises, and new goals. We would like to give you a list of eight bad habits that you can break in 2021 that will do huge things for your dental health. Starting slow and making small changes can lead to big things over […]

Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Holiday Celebrations

We all enjoy indulging a bit during the holiday season… some extra sweets, a little too much ham, and a few cocktails. By all means, enjoy the holiday celebrations, but know there are a couple steps you can take to keep your oral health maintained. Especially after the past year, it is important to allow […]

Stress Awareness and the Effects it Can Have on Your Teeth

It is #StressAwarenessDay and we want all of our patients to realize the negative effects stress can have on your body, specifically your teeth. With 2020 being one of the most stressful years for many of us in recent memory, we want to share the importance of understanding how stress can affect your oral health. […]

Halloween Candy: What Can You Eat

We all enjoy indulging in some sweet treats every now and then. But, too many sweets can lead to bad things for your dental health. Halloween is the perfect time for little ones (and maybe the adults too) to snack on some tasty, bite-sized goodies. And the one person that is going to tell you […]

Dental Emergencies Happen. Know What to Do.

As kids we learn the proper steps to “stop, drop and roll” to prepare for an emergency situation, but what about if something were to happen to your teeth? Berkes Family Dentistry wants you to be informed and have an easy process for managing an emergency situation. These tips are not to substitute for actual […]

Brush and Floss, but Which One First?

Which came first…the chicken or the egg? Does the toilet paper roll go over or under? Is the dress white and gold or black and blue? These continue to be debates across dining room tables and across social media platforms. But how about whether you should brush and then floss, or floss and then brush? […]

Now available: 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

Modern technology is constantly changing how we approach and provide treatment in the dental industry. At Berkers Family Dentistry, we’re proud of our efforts to utilize cutting edge technology and tools in our practice to deliver the highest quality dental experience possible for our patients. On that note, we’ve got some very exciting news to […]

Cannabis: The Dangers of Marijuana to Dental Health

Cannabis and CBD oils are a hot topic in society today. There are many who swear by the benefits, but time-tested research is still in the works. In any case, we thought it might be good to share some information about cannabis and the effects it can have on your dental health. According to the […]

Healthy teeth, healthy ticker?

Could skipping a daily tooth brushing every now and again lead to a higher risk of heart problems such as cardiovascular disease? Looks like that’s the case.  While the American Heart Association supported statements showing the link between heart disease and gum disease all the way back in 2012, newer research appears to also reinforce […]