How to save your teeth from Sugar this holiday season?

The holiday season is right around the corner, marking the end of another year and the
beginning of the next one.
While preparing for a season full of celebrations and happiness, buy gifts, amp up your homes,
and do not forget to be mindful of your body.
We often make the mistake of thinking that just being mindful about certain things will lead us to
not have fun. While this is not true factually, this also makes us less in control of our bodies.
Being mindful simply means acknowledging in what ways your body might get disturbed, not
compromising on the momentary fun but also not letting an unhealthy habit stick with you in the
long term.
This can save you and your family from ruining the happy memories of the holiday season into
potential causes of an ailment.
Being mindful is just step one.
Want to know how else you can save yourself from sugar?
Keep Reading!
5 Ways to save your teeth from Sugar this holiday season
While we all are aware of how sugar negatively impacts our bodies by increasing our calorie
intake, altering insulin resistivity, and even affecting brain activity, we do not think about how it
can affect our mouths.
Before looking at the scary part of it, here are some preventative measures you can take so that
none of the negative aspects of sugar affect you and your pearly whites.
1. The only wall between you and sugar-damaged teeth is good oral hygiene.
Regular and good oral hygiene consists of –
● Brushing twice a day for two minutes at least
● Flossing regularly
● Paying attention to the back of your mouth and the roof of your mouth
● Cleaning your tongue
It can go a long way in getting rid of sugar particles that get stuck in the mouth and then
cause problems.
This is easily the most underrated tip yet the most beneficial one, as suggested by
professional dentists.
2. Stay away from the delusion of breath mints!
It is very captivating to think that putting on a breath mint will help you improve your
breath and save you from awkward situations.
However, is that true?
While breath mints help you improve your breath in the short term, they can actually do
more harm than good in the long run.
Breath mints stick to your mouth, and they often have loads of sugar. This can attract
more bacteria and cause worse breath in the long term.
So the next time you want a mouth freshener, consider washing your mouth with plain
3. Stay hydrated
Almost everyone on the internet tells you to stay hydrated. And by now, you for sure
know what wonders staying hydrated can do to your skin and body.
But how does it help your teeth?
In reality, your teeth do not get significantly affected by the sugar itself, but by the sticky
residue it leaves on your teeth. But our body has a natural system to stop this from
happening: Which is by using saliva.
Staying hydrated helps in the production of saliva. So keep drinking water between your
4. Keep an eye out for snacks!
Snacks add up to our calories and unhealthy eating habits in a very sneaky way,
especially during celebrations.
Do you think what harm is just one packet of chips going to cause, or just this one
dessert? Until you realize that you have eaten way too much at an unusual time
(midnight cravings) and your appetite has taken a hit.
Binge eating habits or mindlessly consuming food puts you in a loop where you feel the
need to eat something again. This constant exposure to food that is bad for your body
and your teeth can be extremely harmful.
Remember that the proteins, vitamins, and minerals from food help your body maintain
those pearly whites in all their glory.
What you can do is replace your snacks with other healthy options such as nuts, seeds,
fruits, etc. It will be healthy and will make you feel full faster.
5. Watch out for drinks!
Another sneaky way of harm to your teeth is through drinks.
Drinks with high sugar not only make your teeth stain but will also make them sensitive.
Hot and cold beverages should not b avoided completely; they can be enjoyed in
moderation. But keeping a check on the ingredients of your drinks can help you save
your teeth from harm.
How sugar affects your teeth?
Now we need to get to the part where it is important for you to understand why you need to be
mindful of your sugar intake and what it can do to your teeth.
As mentioned before, sugar attracts tiny bacteria that make you prone to gum diseases. These
bacteria also cause bad breath and a range of other problems. Tooth decay and cavities are
also an increasingly major concern in this aspect.
Other types of sugar leave a sticky residue on your teeth or in other places of your mouth, which
is hard for the saliva to wash away. This sticky residue can further become a harboring ground
for the bacteria.
Sugar from drinks is particularly harmful because these are not just sugary but also highly acidic
in nature. This will harm the enamel of your teeth, thereby exposing the inner anatomy and
interfering with the healthy pH balance of your mouth.
Now you know exactly why sugar is harmful to you and how you can stop it from being harmful.
Happy holidays to you!
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