Cosmetic dentistry

Smiling is such an integral part of our lives. We smile at almost all important times of our lives.
Think about it. All the favorite pictures of ourselves that we like to put on social media are of us
We pray every day to see the smiles of our loved ones. That is how important smiles are in our
But not all of us are equally confident about our smiles. It is painfully true that smiles play a
major part in our appearances, and appearances often tend to make us conscious about
ourselves because it is essentially how we are perceived in our community.
You will be pleased to know that in addition to improving the health and functioning of your
pearly whites, there is a department of dentistry dedicated to improving the appearance of your
Keep reading to know what all procedures come under cosmetic dentistry, and more!
Cosmetic Dentistry- What can it do for you?
Cosmetic dentistry can include various services which will enhance the appearance of your
smiles. It can work on addressing various parts of your smile such as adjusting gum sizes,
changing their shape, changing the color, adjusting the alignment, and more.
If your concern is to fix your smile, your dentist might refer you to undergo cosmetic dentistry
processes. Even then, generally, these are a few reasons why you would have to consider
cosmetic dentistry:
● Dental Decay / Damage
● Uneven/crooked teeth
● Discoloration/ Stained teeth
● Missing teeth
Such factors are often overlooked by dentists if it does not compromise the functioning of teeth,
or disturb the speech and chewing capabilities of the person. But that does not mean these
minor issues can not be fixed.
Following are the few procedures that come under cosmetic dentistry:
1. Teeth whitening
Staining can happen to your teeth because of various reasons. It can be due to certain
foods which are very acidic, or due to caffeine or even smoking.
Typical staining can be removed by inculcating better hygiene practices in your daily
routine. This type of stain is temporary and goes away with a couple of brushing and
flossing cycles.
Teeth whitening procedures are done for people who have stained their teeth quite
permanently. This procedure involves sanding down stains, using UV light to eliminate
stain causing factors, and even bleaching.
The type of teeth whitening that is perfect for you is based on the type of stain. It is best
to consult with your nearby friendly dentist.
2. Dental bonding
Dental bonding is one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments.
This procedure helps to improve the staining of your lips along with any cracks or
chipped teeth.
Cosmetic imperfections such as hairline cracks, uneven shape and even unevenly
stained teeth can be fixed by this procedure.
Your dentist will match the natural color and shape of your teeth with a resin like
material, and bond it to your teeth. Dental bonding looks completely natural too, if you
consider all other options, because the material first matches the natural form and color
of your teeth.
3. Tooth contouring
The outermost layer of our teeth is called as enamel. Enamel is a strong substance and
determines the health of your smile greatly.
Tooth contouring is one of the least invasive methods to achieve that beautiful, shining
smile because only the outer layer of your teeth is being touched here.
For all you people who are hesitant to fix your smiles because you are scared that it
might hurt, tooth contouring is the best bet. Since there are no nerves connected to the
outermost layer of your teeth, there is almost no pain in tooth contouring.
The dentist will carefully chip off a layer of enamel from your teeth so that the
underneath fresh enamel can shine through. This procedure takes about one session,
and it can also help you reshape your teeth.
4. Gum Contouring
It is natural for some people to have excess gum tissue. This might hide their pearly
whites while smiling and look a little less natural.
It is important to note that everyone’s gum lines are different and it is perfectly natural to
have less or more, high or low gum lines.
But if it bothers you too much, you can consider Gum contouring.
The procedure involves cutting away excess gums, or restoring them, based on the
Although this procedure is not of crucial importance from a medical perspective, it can
become a necessary treatment in certain conditions such as when the person is
suffering from a periodontal disease.
What is the difference between Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry?
Although some procedures may be overlapping, General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are
both different in principle.
General dentistry concerns treatments that serve a medical importance. These are procedures
such as fixing dental cavities, treating periodontal diseases, etc.
Cosmetic dentistry deals more with the aesthetic purposes of enhancing the appearance of your
smile. This deals with treatments such as Teeth cleaning, polishing, and all the above
mentioned processes in this blog.
It is important to know that all dentists, whether general dentists or a cosmetic dentist, have a
degree of DMD or a DDS degree. SO essentially both these professionals are qualified to
perform any procedure . They just address different concerns.
Berkers Family Dentistry
DO you face the mirror with a slight fear in your mind? Well things are about to change.
Cosmetic dentistry allows you to refine the appearance of your smile to a great extent. It does
not have to be supremely invasive or scary.
All you need to figure out the perfect treatment plan for you is to show up at your dentist’s door.
You don’t have to go through this process alone. We, at Berkers family dentistry, are there for
you at every step of the way.
We provide dedicated cosmetic treatments to ensure that we always witness your beautiful
smile always, but we also provide endodontic/ periodontic/ and diagnostic services catered
specifically to the concerns of our patients.
Don’t wait any longer!
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