Halloween Candy: What Can You Eat

We all enjoy indulging in some sweet treats every now and then. But, too many sweets can lead to bad things for your dental health. Halloween is the perfect time for little ones (and maybe the adults too) to snack on some tasty, bite-sized goodies. And the one person that is going to tell you to stay away from sugar is your dentist.

For the best interest of your body’s overall health and especially keeping your teeth healthy, Berkers Family Dentistry recommends limiting your candy intake. When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth mixes with the leftover residue throughout your mouth. This mixture creates a harmful acid that will erode the enamel of your teeth. This can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems down the line.

So, this Halloween, we at Berkers Family Dentistry have some tips for your “sweet tooth.”

Stay away from sticky, hard candies – candies such as toffees or taffies are the worst for your teeth. Instead, focus on eating (and handing out) softer, more malleable chocolate pieces. The sticky candies can lead to cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth. Chocolate on the other hand melts quickly and can be washed away with ease. Be sure to rinse out your mouth after you enjoy that chocolate bar.

Chocolate can actually be considered a healthy option. But there is one important thing to remember. Chocolate is healthy when it is dark chocolate. The natural compounds of the cocoa have an antibacterial effect and can even fight against cavities, plaque, and tooth decay. Be sure the chocolate is organic and keep it under 8 grams of sugar.

Be sure to keep floss nearby if you plan on diving your teeth into a popcorn ball. These are a staple of many autumn traditions but can lead to some major problems. You are bound to get a kernel or two stuck and some recipes can be very sticky or sugary. Be sure to limit yourself to just one if you must!

If you find yourself really craving something sweet, grab a stick of sugar-free gum. When you chew gum, your saliva glands produce more, which helps neutralize the acids in your mouth. The chewing motion will also aid in removing food particles and plaque from your teeth.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy a couple sweet treats during the holiday. Know that there are better options to choose from and always remember to brush and floss after enjoying a candy or two. And remember, if you are to experience any pain or discomfort from eating any candy, call us immediately at 920-766-9521 so we can address the problem.

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