Berkers Family Dentistry Presents New Member Program

According to the American Dental Association, over 33% of American adults do not have dental insurance. As a result, many patients forgo necessary dental care in fear of high medical debts that could come. Berkers Family Dentistry acknowledges the reality of this issue and wants to make sure that a lack of dental insurance does not prevent patients from receiving the dental care they need and deserve. In order to assist with this, Berkers Family Dentistry has launched a new member program for patients without insurance.

How Exactly Do You Benefit?

At Berkers Family Dentistry, we understand that dental insurance is not an option for everyone. Paying out of pocket for necessary preventative care and dental services can be inconvenient and cause patients to not come to the dentist. Visiting your dentist every six months helps to ensure certain health problems like gum disease, decay, and oral cancer don’t go untreated. This Member Program offered by Berkers Family Dentistry has been carefully constructed to ensure patients without insurance are receiving the care they need and deserve. These memberships cover an annual emergency exam because Berkers Family Dentistry understands that emergencies happen. We don’t want you to suffer through pain or discomfort out of fear of a medical bill from an emergency visit. A number of preventative treatments are provided to help ensure you maintain strong oral health without breaking the bank. A lack of dental insurance shouldn’t prevent you from maintaining your beautiful smile.

This member program can be broken down into three different packages: Adult Membership, Child Membership, and Periodontal Membership. Read below to learn more about what each package offers.

Adult Membership

Your teeth will never lose their value and importance. That is why Berkers Family Dentistry wants to make sure adults that fit into that one third without dental insurance are taken care of. This package is designed for patients over the age of 14 without Periodontal disease. Benefits of this package include two routine cleanings and periodontic/oral cancer exams per member year. In addition to this, members will also be provided with one emergency exam and fluoride treatment per membership. This membership also offers the benefits of having bitewing x-rays as indicated.  Tray whitening is discounted to  $150. Lastly, this membership package includes a 12-15% discount on all services provided by Berkers Family Dentistry.

Child Membership

It is important to prioritize a child’s oral care as they grow to help protect their teeth throughout the rest of their lives. This membership is available to all children without insurance under the age of 14. The Child Membership is very similar to the adult membership in providing routine cleanings, periodontic oral exams, fluoride treatments, emergency exams, bitewing x-rays, and a 12-15% discount on all services provided by Berkers Family Dentistry. However, this member program provides routine cleanings, periodontic oral exams, and fluoride treatments twice per membership year.

Periodontal Membership

According to the CDC, over 47% of Americans have periodontal disease. The third package provided by this new member program is the Periodontal Membership. This membership is made available for all patients without insurance who have periodontal disease. This package provides members with 3 to 4 periodontal maintenance cleanings per membership year, in addition to two periodic/oral cancer exams. Patients will receive laser bacterial reduction treatment and 4 bitewing or vertical bitewing x-rays as indicated by the dentist. Per calendar year, members will receive one emergency exam and fluoride treatment. These members also will receive 12-15% off all services provided by Berkers Family Dentistry.

For more information about Berkers Family Dentistry’s new Member Program, visit our Member Program Page or call our office with any questions you may have. Our staff is always ready to help.

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