It’s Been YEARS

So, you haven’t been to see the dentist in years.  Life happened – maybe your insurance changed or perhaps you just forgot about your routine checkups for so long that you started to feel uncomfortable about going back for a cleaning.  There is a myriad of reasons why someone might go for a prolonged period of time without seeing the dentist, but whatever that reason is, we’re here to bring you back in the fold and take care of your oral hygiene!

What to expect when coming back.

If it’s been a few years since you’ve been in last, let’s take a moment to refresh our records.  No doubt some things may be different.  Ask yourself questions like:

  • Has my dental insurance changed? Bring in any updated insurance cards or other information.
  • When was the last time that I had any X-rays?
  • What changes have I made in my diet to affect the overall health of my teeth?
  • Have my teeth themselves changed – noticeable cracks, yellowing, gum swelling, general pain, etc?

Since our practice began back in 1975, we have enjoyed getting to know our patients and caring for them. Many of our patients have been with us from the very beginning, and now we’re enjoying seeing second and third generations of families!  Our patients have become our friends, and we want to see you in the best health possible. Drs. Berker & Moeller, and our team of hygienists, dental assistants, and patient coordinators are here for you!

Now that you’ve taken the time to think about how your situation has changed, and you’ve decided that it’s time for your next routine exam, take a moment to schedule your next appointment today.  You can do it!

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